List of the Top 5 Luxury Salons in Delhi

Luxury Salons in Delhi

Delhi, a city synonymous with elegance and style, houses a plethora of luxury salons that redefine the beauty and wellness experience. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the top 5 luxury salons in Delhi.

Top 5 Top & Best Salons in Delhi

1. Affinity Salon

affinity salon delhi

With branches in Green Park, Defence Colony, and Khan Market, Affinity Salon is a name synonymous with top-tier beauty services. Boasting a team of skilled stylists and aestheticians, Affinity Salon provides a comprehensive range of services, from avant-garde hair styling to rejuvenating spa treatments. The fusion of contemporary trends and personalized attention makes Affinity Salon a go-to for Delhi’s discerning clientele.

Contact Affinity Salon

  • Address: D-6, near Bikanervala, Block D, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110024
  • Phone: 011 4669 8804
2. Noir – The Salon

noir the salon delhi

Nestled in the heart of Chanakyapuri on Tikendrajit Marg, Noir – The Salon is an epitome of luxury and refinement. The salon’s chic interiors and expert stylists create an ambiance that resonates with the city’s elite. Specializing in precision haircuts, bespoke color treatments, and exclusive beauty therapies, Noir ensures that every visit is a lavish experience in pampering and indulgence.

Contact Noir Salon

  • Address: The Chanakya Mall, 2nd Floor, Tikendrajit Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021
  • Phone: 011 2611 0865
3. Looks Salon

looks salon dwarka sector 12 delhi

Looks Salon in Sector 12, Dwarka, Delhi, epitomizes elegance and excellence in beauty care. Nestled in the heart of the bustling city, it offers a sanctuary for indulgence and rejuvenation. With a team of expert stylists and therapists, it delivers personalized services ranging from hair styling to skincare. Imbued with luxury and sophistication, Looks Salon promises a transformative experience that leaves clients feeling refreshed and radiant.

Contact Looks Salon

  • Address: 224-225,2nd Floor, City Center, Sector 12 Dwarka, Dwarka-75, Delhi, 110075
  • Phone: 097735 32828
4. Geetanjali Salon

Geetanjali Salon

Located in the upscale Khan Market, Geetanjali Salon is a name that resonates with luxury and style. The salon’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has earned it a stellar reputation. Geetanjali Salon in Khan Market is a sanctuary for those seeking cutting-edge hair treatments, personalized grooming services, and an overall opulent salon experience.

Contact Geetanjali Salon

  • Address: Shop No 41, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003
  • Phone: 011 4105 9518
5. Blliis By Ravissant

Blliis by Ravissant

Situated in the bustling NFC Commercial Complex, Blliis By Ravissant is a haven for those who crave indulgence. The salon’s contemporary design and a team of skilled professionals make it a destination for the city’s fashion-forward elite. From high-end hair transformations to rejuvenating spa rituals, Blliis By Ravissant sets the stage for a luxury beauty experience that transcends expectations.

Contact Blliis By Ravissant

  • Address: 50-51, 3rd Floor, Community Centre, Block A, Friends Colony East, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110065
  • Phone: 011 2632 8649
Wrapping Up

Delhi’s luxury salons redefine the beauty and wellness landscape, and these top five establishments stand out as paragons of opulence and refinement. Whether you seek a transformative haircut, a bespoke spa experience, or a personalized beauty regimen, these salons in Green Park, Chanakyapuri, Khan Market, and NFC Commercial Complex offer a symphony of luxury and sophistication, ensuring that each visit is a celebration of indulgence.

List of Luxury Salons in Delhi with Contact Details

S. No. Salon Name Phone No.
1. Affinity Salon 011 4669 8804
2. Noir – The Salon 011 2611 0865
3. Looks Salon 097735 32828
4. Geetanjali Salon 011 4105 9518
5. Blliis By Ravissant 011 2632 8649

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What sets luxury salons apart from regular salons?

A: Luxury salons distinguish themselves through a combination of opulent interiors, highly skilled professionals, exclusive services, and a personalized approach to beauty and wellness. They often provide a more indulgent and sophisticated experience compared to regular salons.

Q2: How do I choose the right luxury salon for my beauty needs?

A: Consider factors such as the salon’s reputation, the expertise of its stylists, the range of services offered, and client reviews. Assess if the salon aligns with your preferences, whether you seek avant-garde hairstyling, bespoke color treatments, or rejuvenating spa rituals.

Q3: Are the services at luxury salons suitable for all budgets?

A: While luxury salons are associated with higher-end services, they often offer a range of options to cater to different budgets. Some services may be more exclusive and come with a higher price tag, but many luxury salons provide a variety of treatments to accommodate various financial considerations.

Q4: Can I book appointments online for these luxury salons?

A: Yes, many luxury salons in Delhi offer online booking facilities through their websites or dedicated apps. This convenience allows clients to schedule appointments at their preferred time and also explore the range of services offered by the salon.

Q5: Do these luxury salons offer bridal and special occasion packages?

A: Absolutely. Many luxury salons, such as Looks salon and Noir – The Salon, specialize in bridal and special occasion packages. These packages often include personalized hair and makeup services to ensure a glamorous and memorable experience for the bride and the bridal party.

Q6: What should I expect from a visit to Blliis By Ravissant in the NFC Commercial Complex?

A: Blliis By Ravissant, situated in the NFC Commercial Complex, offers a haven for those seeking indulgence. Expect contemporary salon design, high-end hair transformations, rejuvenating spa rituals, and a team of skilled professionals dedicated to providing a luxury beauty experience that exceeds expectations.

Q7: What are the key trends in beauty and wellness that luxury salons in Delhi are incorporating?

A: Luxury salons in Delhi often stay abreast of the latest trends in beauty and wellness. Some notable trends include sustainable beauty practices, advanced skincare technologies, and personalized beauty regimens tailored to individual preferences.

Q8: Do these luxury salons use premium products for their services?

A: Yes, many luxury salons in Delhi pride themselves on using premium and high-quality products. From hair care to skincare and spa treatments, these salons often collaborate with renowned brands to ensure clients experience the best in beauty and wellness.

Q9: Are there any exclusive memberships or loyalty programs offered by these luxury salons?

A: Some luxury salons may offer exclusive memberships or loyalty programs for their clients. These programs often come with perks such as priority booking, discounts on services, and access to members-only events or promotions.

Q10: How do these salons prioritize hygiene and safety, especially considering recent global events?

A: Maintaining high standards of hygiene and safety is a top priority for luxury salons, especially in light of recent global events. These establishments implement rigorous sanitation protocols, ensure the use of disposable or properly sanitized tools, and follow health guidelines to create a safe and secure environment for their clients.

Q11: Can these luxury salons accommodate group bookings for special occasions or events?

A: Yes, many luxury salons in Delhi offer group booking options for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or corporate events. These bookings often come with customized packages to cater to the unique beauty and grooming needs of the group.

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