Top 5 Best Makeup Artists in Delhi for Party & Bridal Makeup

Best Makeup Artists in Delhi

Distinguished by its multifaceted cultural tapestry, dynamic lifestyle, and ever-evolving fashion scene, Delhi stands as a central hub for fostering creativity and self-expression. In this cosmopolitan city, the demand for skilled makeup artists has soared, giving rise to a pool of talent that has redefined the artistry of beauty. Here, we unveil the top 5 best makeup artists in Delhi, individuals whose skill, innovation, and dedication have left an indelible mark on the beauty industry.

List of the Best Makeup Artists in Delhi for Wedding & More

1. Namrata Soni

Namrata Soni, a name synonymous with elegance and innovation, has carved a niche for herself in the makeup industry. With a client list that boasts Bollywood celebrities and international icons, Soni is celebrated for her ability to create looks that seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary trends. She excels not just in traditional Indian bridal makeup but also in pushing creative boundaries for editorial shoots and fashion events. With an eye for detail and a passion for perfection, Namrata Soni is a trendsetter in the truest sense.

Phone: +91 91233 86608

Bridal Makeup Price: Rs. 40,000/- Onwards Approx.


2. Ambika Pillai

Ambika Pillai’s journey in the makeup world is nothing short of legendary. With an illustrious career spanning decades, Pillai has become a household name in Delhi. Her eponymous salons are a haven for those seeking a transformative beauty experience. Specializing in bridal makeup, Pillai is revered for her ability to enhance natural features while adding a touch of glamour. Her artistic flair extends beyond makeup, as she is also an accomplished hairstylist, making her a complete beauty maestro.

Phone: +91 76667 78899

Bridal Makeup Price: Rs. 15,000/- Onwards Approx.

3. Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh, the luminary makeup artist in Delhi, is an artist who paints beauty with finesse. Her transformative touch captures the essence of elegance and sophistication. With an innate understanding of diverse styles, Amrita excels in both traditional and contemporary makeup, ensuring every face tells a unique story. Her artistry, marked by precision and creativity, has become synonymous with timeless beauty. Specializing in personalized bridal looks, Amrita crafts captivating appearances that reflect individual charm. Clients entrust her for flawless makeup that enhances natural features, leaving a lasting impression. In the realm of Delhi’s beauty elite, Amrita Singh stands as an unrivaled luminary.

Phone: +91 88606 47799

Bridal Makeup Price:  Rs. 45,000/- Onwards Approx.

4. Shalini Singh

In the realm of bridal beauty, Shalini Singh distinguishes herself as a genuine authority. With a keen understanding of diverse skin tones and cultural nuances, Singh crafts bridal looks that are a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Her attention to detail and personalized approach to each client have made her a sought-after name in the wedding industry. Whether it’s a classic red-and-gold bridal look or a contemporary pastel theme, Shalini Singh’s expertise shines through, making her one of Delhi’s top bridal makeup artists.

Phone: +91 98114 25051

Bridal Makeup Price: Rs. 50,000/- Approx.


5. Roopali Talwar

Roopali Talwar, a distinguished makeup maestro in Delhi, possesses an unparalleled ability to weave enchantment with her brush. Renowned for her exquisite artistry, Roopali brings forth a symphony of colors and techniques to accentuate natural beauty. Specializing in diverse styles, from timeless bridal elegance to avant-garde editorial flair, she crafts personalized looks that resonate with individuality. With an unwavering commitment to perfection, Roopali ensures her clients radiate confidence on every occasion. Her artistic finesse transforms faces into captivating masterpieces, making her a sought-after name for those seeking a touch of glamour and sophistication in the heart of Delhi’s beauty scene.

Phone: +91 93111 22103

Bridal Makeup Price: Rs. 25,000/- Onwards Approx.


Wrapping Up

Delhi’s makeup scene is thriving, thanks to the talent and creativity of artists like Namrata Soni, Ambika Pillai, Ojas Rajani, Shalini Singh, and Gomit Chopra. Each of these makeup maestros brings a distinctive style to the table, contributing to the city’s diverse beauty landscape. From bridal beauty to avant-garde artistry, these artists have not only mastered their craft but continue to inspire and shape the future of makeup in Delhi. As the capital city continues to evolve, so too will the art of beauty, led by these visionary makeup artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the No. 1 bridal makeup artist in Delhi?

Recognizing the leading makeup artist is subjective, and contingent on personal preferences and specific requirements. However, in the blog above, Namrata Soni stands out as a trendsetter with a stellar reputation for her creativity and work with Bollywood celebrities and international icons.

2. How much does a makeup artist cost in Delhi?

The cost of hiring a makeup artist in Delhi varies based on factors such as the artist’s experience, the event, and the complexity of the makeup. Renowned artists like Namrata Soni, Ambika Pillai, Amrita Singh, Shalini Singh, and Roopali Talwar typically command higher fees due to their expertise and demand.

3. Who is India’s top makeup artist?

India boasts numerous top-tier makeup artists, and determining the absolute “top” artist is challenging. However, makeup artists like Ojas Rajni, Gomit Chopra, Namrata Soni, and Ambika Pillai, mentioned in the blog, have achieved national recognition and are considered among the best in the country.

4. Who is the best professional party makeup artist in Delhi?

The title of the best professional makeup artist in Delhi is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Nevertheless, the blog features numerous outstanding artists such as Namrata Soni, Ambika Pillai, Amrita Singh, Shalini Singh, and Roopali Talwar. Each of these professionals is celebrated for their expertise and distinctive styles within the makeup industry.

List of Best Party & Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi with Price and Contact Details

S. No. Makeup Artist Name Phone No. Price Approx.
1. Namrata Soni +91 91233 86608 Rs. 40,000/-
2. Ambika Pillai +91 76667 78899 Rs. 15,000/-
3. Amrita Singh +91 88606 47799 Rs. 45,000/-
4. Shalini Singh +91 98114 25051 Rs. 50,000/-
5. Roopali Talwar +91 93111 22103 Rs. 25,000/-

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